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The Bantam = Gallo Bantam

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Edição: 1
Ano de publicação: 2014
Número de páginas: 32
ISBN: 9788577401567
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The following account is found on pages 49 to 52 of Virgil’s diary: “Back in the 1960’s, while going through Saint Augustine, I visited a friend who had a Bantam at home, regarded as a famiiy member. Maybe my friend wished to belong to a Royal House and, not being able to fulfill his dream, had decided to anoint his Bantam King. It so happens that guests always dissented, saying that the lion was the true king of animais, as taught by Phaedrus, Aesop, and La Fontaine. Seen as ungrateful creatures, the guests ended up being politely invited to go away. Thus, from visit to visit, either as a tribute or as jest, my friend’s residence became known as the Royal House of Bantam. At the place, formerly a hut, one knew almost everything about roosters. From crests and crowing to cockfights and disorder, there were no qualms on the tongue. Palace denizens lived happily and haughtily, except for His Majesty. According to old philosophical currents, rooster unhappiness was due to the lack of a hen house.

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